Announcement and community meeting about the future of the party

This is a difficult announcement to make but as some of you are aware we are likely to be deregistered as a Federal Australian political party on or about January 18th due to low membership.

What does this mean? We will no longer be entitled to display our party name and branding on Federal election ballots, and the process of registering electoral candidates becomes more difficult.

Next week on Thursday December 17th there will be a formal announcement via Facebook Live at 6pm AEST/7pm AEDT and a community meeting at 6.30pm/7pm on Discord

The community meeting will be for us to look back on our 12 month member drive, discuss options to prevent deregistration, and propose ideas for the future of the party. We have no immediate intention of disbanding the party however that option hasn’t been discarded.

Bump this is tonight