Do pirate party australia have online conferencing gathering?

In the latest Linux user’s victoria online meetup i noticed that they use this opensource tech called . I think for engagement it might be a good idea to allow pirate party members to have an online zoom-like gathering space.

What’s your thought about increasing engagement between members in 2020?

I’ve seen Big Blue Button in other orgs but haven’t used it myself, it’s gotten good feedback. Discord works very well as a communication platform for me and other members of the party seem to have adapted well.

Another option could be to host jitsi. I think some non-profit organizations set it in a way that a member must create each online meeting as organizer. Then the video/audio chat is not spammed because a member is always present to moderate. Non-members can join the chat via shared link.

Welcome to the forum. Members are invited to sit in on our fortnightly National Council meetings, the details are here except it’s held on Discord here