Pirate Party Australia to consider a party merger

The changes to the electoral registration which were recently made by the ALP and LNP have made it harder than ever before for us to effectively campaign for digital rights and civil liberties in an election. In light of this, and as part of the negotiation process with other parties that begun after National Congress earlier this year, we’ve begun discussing the feasibility of a merger with a number of other minor parties who align with us ideologically.

There is no guarantee this will go ahead, or that you the party members will approve it. But it’s my personal opinion that this will positively transform our ability to effectively advocate for our policies and values into the future. I hope that we can similarly preserve our ethos and identity in the future. Any members wishing to be involved in the process please let a member of the NC know, and please let your thoughts be known here or in Discord.

We expect that more information should be available to members in the next 1-2 weeks.