Pirate Party Australia call for preferences

Hello everyone, I’ve drafted a letter to send out to Australian political parties asking them why we should preference them. Once these letters are received, they will be published on the wiki and sent to all members for reading before we vote on our preference recommendations. The following list of parties to contact was prepared from the AEC list of registered parties, plus a few unregistered parties which look likely to run candidates. Some of the registered parties we are unlikely to contact on the basis that their policies and values are in too much conflict with our own. These lists are mostly unordered, and mostly use the party name as given on the AEC register.

Please let the National Council know if you have any suggestions for other political parties to contact, or if you disagree on the parties on the “Do Not Contact” list.

Party contact list

Australian People’s Party
Western Australia Party
Victorian Socialists
Transport Matters Party
Socialist Alliance
Sustainable Australia
Socialist Equality Party
Shooters Fishers and Farmers
Reason Party
Rex Patrick Team
Citizens Party
Australian Federation Party
Climate Emergency Action: Vote Planet
Jacquie Lambie Network
Katter’s Australia Party
Liberal Democrats
Independents CAN
Democratic Labour Party
Animal Justice Party
Together Party
Australian Better Families
Federal ICAC Now
Australian Democrats
Science Party
Affordable Housing Party
Secular Party
Australian Greens
Australian Progressives
Australian Labor Party
Advance Australia Party
Australian Workers Party
The New Liberals
Centre Alliance

Do not contact list

Australia First Party
Australian Christians
Christian Democratic Party
Country Liberal Party
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party
Health Australian Party
Informed Medical Options Party
Liberal Party of Australia
Love Australia or Leave
National Party of Australia
No5G Party
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
The Great Australia Party
United Australia Party

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Hi Miles,
I’m writing to you on behalf of The New Liberals (TNL) regarding preferences in the Australian Federal Election 2021-22.

To the supporters of Pirate Party Australia:
I found it interesting while reading through your policy platform to see that we have some alignment in our policy goals such as a bill of rights, improvements to the public school system and provisions for animal welfare. What I find most compelling about your policy platform are your law and order policies, your digital access policy and, of course, your policies regarding copyright, culture and creative works.

It is an important goal to afford any prisoner the opportunity to educate themselves and learn new skills while in prison. Some of the reforms you suggest are sound and a step in the right direction for a more humane and compassionate prison system. Regarding your digital access policy, I think the idea of entrenching net neutrality in legislation is important to protect the small businesses and entrepreneurs in terms of creating a ‘level playing field’ and is an idea I haven’t seen elsewhere.

You have outlined some of the issues with copyright law in your platform. Your Creative Works Act seeks to remedy some of these challenges in a sensible and practical way. Having a set 15 year creative right is a realistic and fair way for creators to receive the financial benefit of their works. Many of the suggested changes for culture and media are sensible too. The protection of the ABC is paramount to a healthy society. I wholeheartedly agree with your proposal to increase the ABC budget.

Although there are some differences in policy, there are enough similar values and policy ideas that I believe it would be valuable to preference TNL on the ballot.

Kind regards,

Ryan Bruce

TNL Candidate for Aston, VIC


Reason Party Australia

Hi Miles,

Thanks for your email. I think this is brilliant! Reason too has always supported our voters making the most evidence based informed decision when voting, this is in line with our guiding principles of policy based on evidence and empathy.

Reason has several policy areas in line with the Pirates, strongly supporting better digital policy, and regulating the internet in a way which allows adults to access what they wish, whilst also protecting individuals from discrimination and protecting privacy. This includes policies such as “Create a statutory right to privacy, with stronger sanctions for breaches” and “Ban any future collection of phone and internet metadata without a warrant”. Further, Reason also supports Pirate priorities such as improving science and research funding, stronger action on climate change, and ending the war on drugs.

Please let me know if you had any further questions.

Kindest regards,

Ethan Mileikowski

Administration Officer

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