August Updates: Voting, Stickers, and the road to re-registration

August Updates: Voting, Stickers, and the road to re-registration

Hi Pirates,

A reminder, an announcement, and a call to action. Read on!

Post-Congress Voting

Voting on the Formal and Policy Motions from Congress this year closes tomorrow at midnight (AEST). If you were a member as of the 1st of August, you will have received two emails on the 3rd of August from our secure voting system, Belenios. These contain the details you need to cast your votes.

All motions may be found here: Pirate Congress 2021/Motions - Pirate Party Australia Wiki

Congress minutes are now also up and may be found here. Pirate Congress 2021/Minutes - Pirate Party Australia Wiki

Results will be announced on Monday.

Sticker Drive

We’re delighted to announce a sticker drive! By the power of doing a bulk order we’ll be able to send you an envelope full of stickers of several different designs for a very reasonable price tag.

We’re running this as a crowdfund with a minimum order of 50 sticker packs, so check that out here:

The road to re-registration

As you may have heard, on Thursday the government introduced a bill to triple the party registration threshold to 1500 members. In turn, we will all have to work at least three times harder to contest the next election.

So your tasks are clear:

  1. Sign up, renew, or generally ensure your membership is current at

  2. Recruit a friend to the party…

  3. … and then recruit another friend!

  4. Hop on our Discord or IRC to stay involved!

That’s all for now; I’ll have the motion results announcement for you in a few days!

Alex Jago