Upcoming Pirate events in the new year

Hello everyone,

We have a series of events planned for the new year and we want your participation! Firstly, if you have an interesting opinion or are a subject matter expert (SME) in the following areas we want to interview you for our upcoming Pirate Live series:

  • Climate change science
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bureacracy and government waste

Please get in contact at enquiries@pirateparty.org.au for more information. The topic of “Bureacracy” is planned to be a series of events and may culminate in a debate or conference to produce some actionable policy outcomes.

Additionally we are launching a Twitch stream! Hop onto our Twitch next Tuesday 29th for some sweet vidya games and don’t forget to vote here for which game we should stream first https://www.poll-maker.com/results3305957x4F55495A-102

See you all in the new year and have a happy holidays.