Mercenaries and inflation


Since it is clear from the million->billion->trillion dollar bills that are being generated in the country, two very clear trends have emerged or are visible:

  • The nations have become nothing but mercenaries for sale that weak nations are pumping money into in order to conduct international large scale violence for their agendas. Thus making these nations nothing more than those who are using child soldiers etc. So the onus is on these nations to prove otherwise that they are not T states ( in uniform /sheep’s clothing ).

  • This money is seen as a victory, but never makes it way to the public due to the sheer greed of the stock market, thereby inflation has hit effectively around 1000%, yes, buildings used to be a million dollars, now everything is a billion dollars and everything around seems to cost around a trillion dollars. Thus the “frenemies” have managed to play right into the expected greed / sadism of the powers that be and inflated the economy to failure. Thus inflation has become a weapon trained upon oneself.

It is thereby requested to start thinking about clear lines in the sand demarcating civilian and military, middle class ( or the only segment of the economy where rational economic behavious exists ) and corporatised economy. This will allow less bleed of this nature.

More so because this nation seems to think of it’s billing systems as a weapon against the rest of humanity and the all of it’s own humanity too, what that means is that the energy grid is gold plated intentionally in order to jack up the international energy prices, let alone gas and food and everything else. Thus it is a vicious cycle of dehumanisation that has Australia at the every perpetrator of this inhumanity.

So please call out these maniacs. - what is money? As long as money exists, people will want it. Until a person is satiated with money for at least the most important things, he will not think about anything else.