Bennelong - Call to action!


Close of nominations has already passed

(Alex Jago) #22

Nominations closed midday today.

(Kaz) #23

Maybe it’s time to unpin this message then.

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hehehe, I didn’t even realise it was still up!

(🔰‏ {UBI + LVT = 42} ) #26

does our failure to be in bennelong mean we are not as organised as other parties?
are we the quiet loner kid that didnt turn up to the party and just smoked weed at home by himself?

(Tom Randle) #27

Yes, we have less resources than other parties. I like that you volunteered to hand out flyers though.


(🔰‏ {UBI + LVT = 42} ) #28

tbh we had a candidate we just seemed not prepared. and it seems to stem from not having funded positions? or maybe not. how do the other parties do it? does Bernardo get paid? im just saying. its strange that AusCon Bernardo and AP were both prepared but we weren’t. Bernardi markets the donation agenda. we suffer from lack of public face, lack of donations and branding problem i think?


We got a bunch of problems which need to be addressed in strategy, but you are right, we were not well prepared like other parties, but at the same time other parties are just throwing candidates out there even though they have 0 intention of winning, they just want to use it as a marketing platform. We could have easily done the same but decided that it’s not worth the money when every other minor party is doing the exact same thing.

I maintain that we still did the right thing to put the call out, because that gives us live feedback/a reality check that even though we have heaps of members, not many of them are going to actually put their hand up when you call upon them.

That is an important lesson to be learned and we are not to take our members for granted. This is real world feedback which will help us move forward knowing that we have to do more to engage our members than to expect them to just be there for us. If we would have waited for an actual federal election to put the call for volunteers out, we would have learnt this lesson too late and it would have been an utter failure to not have an effective Federal campaign.

We got our work cut out for us. We got the strategy topics out on Discuss. Some of us are working on things that we will contribute into the topic later, but while we do that, if you are not working on it but want to participate, get cracking!

(Frew) #30

We have always run the party on a shoestring budget, paid staff are a luxury we can’t afford. Fund raising needs extra focus, but it one of the areas I suck at personally. Entering an election costs $1,000 for the ‘deposit’ (which you lose if you get under 4%) plus at least another $1,000 for campaign materials etc. so it is a financial drain.

We need to do better than last time where we got 1.3% of the primary vote. It was alright, but doing worse would look really bad which is highly possible with a by-election and an extra half a dozen candidates in the field. In order to do better I felt we needed a campaign manager to free up our candidate to campaign rather than having to manage logistics on top of campaigning. For whatever reason, we lack people with the time and experience around the electorate to take on the role.

Doing basic campaigning on issues would be better for our image than running in a by-election. It is the sort of thing that draws people in to do stuff which gives us more organisational capacity down the road.

(John August) #31

So, I’m not standing after all, but here’s an article I wrote expressing my thoughts. On the one hand my own thoughts, but also I hopefully capture sufficient “pirate” content that readers would approve :smile: