Climate change and environment policy

(Mark) #21

The huge pylon backbone that shifts power over great distances is only going to get more under-used as the network decentralises. The trend with power is interestingly opposite to the trend for things like data - the amount that gets moved is shrinking and localising and future interconnection is more likely to happen within areas rather than between them. Smaller-scale infrastructure will probably change less in the short-term- but I chicken out of making any predictions. The change is too fast and deep. The technical leaps are unpredictable. There could be forms of grid instability which we’re simply not prepared for. We’ll need to be adaptive.

(Mark) #22

Refer here for a really remarkable chart on where this is all going:

I just can’t see how traditional power arrangements will survive.

(John Englart EAM) #23

I understand Energy Policy Version 2 is still a draft?
I am a climate policy wonk with about 10 years of reading climate science and policy. I attended Paris COP21 as an official NGO observer for Climate Action Network Australia/Climate Action Moreland as a grassroots activist and citizen journalist/blogger. I think the draft policy needs to be updated to take into account the Paris Agreement and the latest science. I’d like to have a go at making some suggestions for improvement in Pirate Party policy in this area. I am a newbie to this forum so treat me gently, if I stray out of line.

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The current policy is here. No doubt it needs an update given the events of the past year, and it would be great to have an experienced environmentalist like yourself take a look.

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I think, as Pirates, we could support any rise in sea levels.

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Until I read this thread I had not realised that not all solar power users were using battery storage! We are completely off grid & off all services, the only way to fly.