Official Strategy for 2017-18


Another Strategy Meeting, 8:30PM on Monday 25/9 (Sydney Time)


Here’s something for discussion tonight.

First of all, this is more of a suggestion of process than content, but for reference, I identified objectives by grouping and simplifying the values and mission statements from congress and the website. I identified democracy, science, and sustainability as focus areas and then stole some words from the same sources to describe and link each area to create this vision statement:

An honest, accountable, and just Australia (democracy), embracing technology and change for the collective good (science) with one eye on the future (sustainability).

Secondly, I don’t mean distract from strategy by raising tactics, but I think it’s important to have a big picture view so that we agree on the distinction, and don’t end up with tactics that have no strategic purpose.


My proposal is that we combine our vision, strategy, and tactics into a single artifact. The principles of this approach are:
• Every objective, strategy, and tactic and their inter-relationships are visible and obvious.
• Every tactic is linked to a strategy.
• Every strategy is linked to an objective.
• Every objective is part of our vision.
• Every tactic has an owner and is measurable.
• Every KPI will be reported annually to congress.
• Every numbered item will be a section of the next Annual Report to be presented to congress.
• The artifact can easily be turned into both a one page strategic plan (OPSP) and an Annual Report template.
• Every volunteer task is linked to our strategic plan, so volunteers understand how their efforts contribute to achieving our vision.
• If the words chosen are confusing they can be changed, eg tactics could be tasks or actions, objectives could be purpose or vision.

I’ve had a go at putting this together. This spreadsheet is what I think is our current undocumented strategy. It’s ready to be ripped apart and have new and improved ideas inserted. I don’t have much to add in terms of strategy, but I hope this helps to pull it all together.

PPAU-Strategy-1-0.pdf (76.2 KB)

Excel source file:

Swarm As Strategy
(Tom Randle) #23

I like the idea of defining the interlinking of ‘things’ as part of defining the process, as I keep saying, getting everyone on the same page as to the language and meaning of the words we are using when describing ‘strategy’ is the first problem we have not yet solved.

I would like to merge parts of your ideas here into the existing process we’ve been working to define:

Though I don’t think we can simplify an overall “objective” or vision statement as much as you have given in the example here, we just have too much ground to cover to do it in a single sentence. We will need to explore that more.

(Stefan Sussmilch) #24

I don’t think we should associate with ‘centrist’ politics. Yes much of our party comes from diverse political backgrounds, but that shouldn’t equate to us getting into bed with centrist parties.

Centrist parties tend to only allow small reforms while maintaining the status quo on the bigger issues. Whether it makes our lives hard or not, our policies are radically different from those of parties which promote a more mainstream agenda. Unless those parties close to the centre make concessions to be more in line with the core policies of our party we should not cooperate with them.


We have been over the Party naming thing ad nauseam in the past. The qualifier of what @pault4 said is “Radical”, not just being in the Centre as you describe of most Centralists.

This is the problem with using established labels is that certain words have connotations which are associated with other parties we are nothing like, even if in the strictest sense what we are describing is technically true (most popular term is “Liberal Left”). In the end the only label which is actually appropriate is Pirate. We are of Pirate political persuasion. Other than that, it’s going to be a long time before we have the mental strength for another name change debate so please don’t go there.

(twisty) #26

good times …


Strategy meeting 8.30PM Monday Sydney time. Note: Daylight Savings