The international members

(Laura) #41

@miles_w, what do you mean by that?

(Ahmad Naser) #42

We needa talk about the groups around the world who change our life continuously … So, our role have to take the same method I think.

The polyglots for example and their culture of change …

Not the hackers but the social hackers

And so on … etc
As such, the world is moving now.

(Chad Warren) #43

John, you and Brendon O’Connell are why I’m here.

How do I help from over in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA?

I’m right next to Jacksonville Air Force Base that runs the Air Transport of Hercules C130s that move all the people and gear for the combined services.

We have one of the highest number of enlisted citizenry in this nation.

I inherited money from my Great Uncle and Aunt who helped start Combined Insurance which is now AON.

He and his Brother Gordon were in organized crime before that in my hometown of Hot Springs which was a neutral laylow gambling operation for the Chicago mafia.

Yet, I live have been living in my truck since July 27th because my roomate was a manipulative drug dealer opportunist more than a friend and I’m poor.

I want to figure out how to live on a house boat on the Arkansas River as people did here before it was lock and dammed.

(miles_w) #44

Welcome aboard! There are a handful of pirates in America who have been steadily active and you may be interested to link in. One of my favourite is Esme Dudoit in Hawaii who runs this handle

The easiest ways to contribute from overseas are by helping aggregate content for social media, producing graphics, working on policy (including writing government submissions) and donating to the party. Thanks for your interest.

(Alex Jago) #45

That tends to piss off lots of people though; “hurr durr they take FOREIGN DONATIONS” - which is a headline I would prefer to avoid having us be the subject of.

Edit: also,