7-Eleven kills independent wage panel : (Would something like a "WorkFairness Inspector" help here?)

This article got me thinking… if WorkSafe Inspectors have been proven to be saving physical lives of workers via random inspection of businesses… would a similar system of “WorkFairness Inspectors” assist in providing a better regulation against the abuse and exploitation of workers in these kinds of jobs?

I imagine that these kind of exploitation have a negative effect on the Australian economy by impeding in the purchasing power of many of these potential consumers if they got jibbed of their wages.

I think a basic minimum income as per the party platform would, effectively, render enforcement unnecessary. People who got treated like that would have a valid option of simply not working.

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True. But probbly easier to push this though than a basic income in the interim. Plus once workers feel more secure, they could actually start thinking about higher ideals like basic income.

So it would be helpful to push this though in the same time as a basic income. Once the basic income actually gets thought, it would then be a good idea to wind down the WorkFair inspector.

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