A challenged democracy: wicked problems and political failures

Another call by a former government minister for a new party. This one from an ALP guy. What’s interesting (if you look at the policy positions table) is that PPAU is that party. Virtually every single marker reflects our published stances. There’s something noteworthy in that. People not affiliated recognize the shape of the gap in our current politics.


How sad. I have no answers here but exactly the sort of people who admire Barry Jones (i.e. science-oriented-types [guilty!]) are also somewhat repelled (too strong: want a milder word) by the “Pirate” tag.

Now please don’t take this as evidence the party name has to change. I am just pointing out the dilemma whilst agreeing with MarkG’s basic point.

Deterred? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is very healthy to be aware of the limitations of branding and other aspects of the public image of the Party.

It’s always fun debating about the trade-offs of using such a name. It’s even more fun saying “well what do you suggest?” and watching the sudden amazing squirming. :smile: