ABC to be faced with legislation requiring it be 'fair and balanced'

In other news, I heard the ABC might be looking for full time staffers from Trotskyist advocacy groups to maintain their political balance

ABC is anything but impartial, they are very left leaning, but every time a Liberal Government threatens their funding or control they start giving more air time to that Government and their ideals. That always seem to placate the Liberals for a few more years until it happens again.

Already this time they have preempted this inquiry by officially referring to “Marriage Equality” to be “Same-Sex Marraige” (LNP preferred term).

I doubt much will happen in the long run - they will bow to Government pressure, the Government will back down.

ABC will saved!

Hahaha!!! No they aren’t, they are pretty centrist. They have high quality reporting, which when compared to News Ltd appears left wing, but that is because News Ltd is the propaganda arm of the Murdoch empire. They have a range of views and permanently entrenched right winger on pretty much every show. The Liberal Party always want more propagandistic news and News Ltd wants to get rid of the competition so they always try and paint the ABC as left wing.


I heard a simple summation I found very poignant earlier which is that the ABC tends to pick topics and issues of interest to the left in Australia, but their coverage tends to be centrist and their guest speakers lean heavily right (IPA et al)

Sure, far left compared to commercial TV, but looking at it on it’s own with a centralist lens they try to be central, but not by being central, but by giving a bit of both sides… mainly left, with a dash of token right.

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[Edit] Cite some evidence.


ok you caught me… have not watched for several years (after getting some nauseating headaches). But I’ll give them another go if you think they are fair.

O.o what do you watch?

I watch SBS news because it covers more important stuff, ABC is way too much crime and sport report for me. 7:30 report generally covers some important stuff, so I watch it sometimes. I also like livetweeting The Drum and Insiders, they tend to have a mix of views. Its always great when they have Gerard Henderson and David Marr on at the same time, they are like an old married couple.

reddit and then trying to read a bunch of stuff I can find off Google News until I find something halfway sane, rather than watch the news.

Shamefully I do watch Channel 7 news because my wife likes to get all the footy news in before Home & Away, I think it’s good perspective to see how bias and pathetic they are but also that people actually absorb this stuff (crime this… crime that… non-issue this). Good weather report though.

ABC Triple J hack is good too (if I am in the car) but nowhere near as good as they used to be. They used to be more left leaning and had some teeth to question the Government and Opposition, then Liberals got in and now they are too scared to rock the boat out of fear of being seen as ‘bias’

I watch/listen to the ABC. Nope, they’re not perfect, but they beat the shit out of most other outlets. Commercial TV/radio spews mostly arse gravy imho. I mean, reality tv, fuck. Go outside and get a big dose of reality.

Hands off our ABC.


My household of 4 people, has 5 working TVs, and 5 computers with 8 more screens between them.
Only one of them gets watched as a TV. Carol likes her murder mysteries.
The rest mostly get streamed at for one purpose or another.
OMG, what are we doing with our lives…

so… the news on commercial TV then?