AFP raid Australian Workers Union HQ to investigate 2005 GetUp donation

Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations:

Australian Council of Trade Unions response

Additional ACTU commentary

Can anyone remember the name of that company doing LNP strategising the Liberals were alleged to have funnelled public money into?

Some Liberal donors have essentially laundered money through an organisation called the Free Enterprise Foundation, before it reaches the Libs party bank accounts. Which has almost certainly allowed NSW property developers to illegally fund NSW Liberal state election campaigns.

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This one too for the Libs:

Iā€™m sure the major 2 have got plenty of other fronts, some discovered, some not.

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@miles_w I know that you support the Unions, but I am more of the opinion that even though these raids are probably politically motivated and the Unions are being disproportionately targeted, when ALL corruption from different industries (i.e. Media, Mining, Banks, Casinos, etc.) should be investigated equally, and call for a Federal ICAC.


Doing some self promotion here, but I do reflect on this in one of my articles :