Alcohol and class action lawsuits?

"Australians are drinking 25 per cent less alcohol than they were 40 years ago, but it’s causing more harm than ever, a new study says.

In 2010, when the most recent figures were recorded, alcohol misuse was estimated to be responsible for 5500 deaths and 160,000 admissions to hospital a year as well as costing an estimated $36 billion annually.

Study claims alcohol misuse rising in Australia

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education have released a report arguing not enough is being done to curb alcohol-related social damage.

The number of deaths had risen by 62 per cent from 2000 to 2010."

Suggested strategy as pirate:

  • Campaign for monitoring of these two metrics, deaths and hospitalisations per year per state and nationally with the stated intent of having these as 0.

  • Fines levied against state retrospectively ( This can be under citizen’s arrest laws). With the clear purpose of class action lawsuit against state with zero lawyer fees. Just a lawsuit requiring that the state pay the national stock market $1 million a month for 100 months.


I agree with the article bringing Wine tax in line with all the other alcoholic taxes to help fund the cost to the community, and have help available to those who don’t want to have a dependence on alcohol anymore, but at the same time I respect people’s right to do it, it is a free society.

Unfortunately not everyone wants to be helped so a target of 0 would be unrealistic without being an authoritarian state and restricting freedoms like banning alcohol. Which wouldn’t work either, we all know how that turned out with Prohibition.

Your suggested Strategies are not workable: Government interference into Class Action lawsuits would set a bad precedent on separation of powers, Lawyers don’t work for free, It’s not the State’s fault to pay for the behavior of the Alcohol industry (they are the ones who would be on trial, not that I think that’s a good idea either) and holding the state accountable would be a drain on public funding. Whar would you pay a stock market for?

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The numbers are too high. The proposal is to simply monitor the metric. Simple quarterly awareness of these two metrics with the intent ( hope ) of seeing it to zero. With no interference.

They have qualified their research by the ‘alcohol related’ differentiation, as opposed to not.

So the work may not even call ‘alcohol’ out, but simply invite ‘alcohol’ to also be aware of this.

The numbers are really too high. And it’s the failure of the state, especially with the Medicare budget being so large.

There has to be a reckoning. Protectionism is over. Now the banks are 40% of the economy and the median income just does not make sense with the 1.3 Trillion dollars per year just evaporating in automated loopholes.

Now it is the responsibility of people to not only move forward responsibly, slowly wind back the GDP to national education and employment ration. Finance to Reserve Bank wholesale. Competition authorities to pure wholesale large telecom operators ( who are simply sitting on an intentionally created architectural quagmire ) and simply appealing to some non-existent patriotic tendency to retain customers.

Not to forget the limbo that the ‘republic’ or whatever that is.

Either ways, it’s gross negligence.

All the while touting best place to live on earth.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have come here with very large tuition fees only to find that the systems extracts at least ten times more per individual than it provides. And actually threatens them with dire consequences for leaving the nation.

All that is paid for by fake verbal futures contracts that never materialize.

Not only that with new international banking integrations and accounting, they are guaranteed not to materialise.

Not to mention verbal promises extracted from millions a plenty, with rampant extra judiciary simply using nonsense to victimise young folks for decades. All false.

The state has to be held responsible.

It is not a ‘freedom’ struggle per se. It is a request of the state to demonstrate prudence and actual social metrics.

No amount of billions of dollars in consultancy fees and royal commissions whose primary stated objective seems to be just sell Australian GDP to foreign non-entities ( not British ).

This 1.3 Trillion dollars is doing nothing but funding the non existent balance sheets of every international bank simply because there is no serial number to the currency.

They stopped publishing the money supply metric long ago. Why?

Paying the stock market demonstrates that it is fake. If you buy a stock for 101 and decide to sell it for 80, the stock price will fall. But at least a single charity/fine/operator will by induction cause the stock market to auto correct.

That can be the foundation of the much needed commodities market without throughput itself becoming a maniacal get-out-my-way from every inch of Australia because I have to feed a fake High Frequency Trading market.