All hands on deck! 5 days to submit feedback to home affairs regarding backdoors bill

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Sorry @miles_w … off topic

@Cizin why have you deleted this post, and a handful of others, over multiple threads? Just curious as I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

Well I was told "I’ve seen from you so far has contained gross spelling and grammatical errors"
So I thought It apporate to remove the posts so as not to affend. This way I dont bring down the stand.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that your analyses and thoughts should not be read just because of some unconventional or creative spelling, @cizin.
Our standard is: every voice is valuable and should be heard.
fck “correct” spelling! You’re in charge of your words and you have every right to be as creative or conventional as you like with your words, and if somebody doesn’t get something, they can just ask.

First order of business is to ask any citizen this one question:

“Have you been told as a child not to speak ill of anyone anywhere?”

On the answer end of the spectrum lies:

“Is your stock market itself hedged?”

And for states with no stock market, “Would you like to know if someone somewhere speaks ill of everyone you care about?”


“Is the famous evil eye akin to healthy homeopathic doses of remote ill intent bordering on criticism and dislike from adversaries perhaps boosting the intellectual immune response maybe even helping to take oneself not too seriously, certainly not feeding an international adversarial market of doubt mongering and second degree ill intent, any attempts to manipulate it akin to buying likes”

Next question is to ask fathers how they feel about a lifetime of pre and post marital sex of daughter.

Next question is how many “hope you haven’t told anyone else of sex between us conducted years ago” and “between them years ago” cases exist state wide and what is the statute of limitations on the same?

Uhhh, say what now?

It’s a variation of the encryption is futile open source argument!