Alternative names for the Party

(Brendan Molloy) #41

Yup, which is why I went down the descriptive path in my proposal. It doesn’t mean I’m sold on it, it’s just the most developed answer to the problem, and even if it’s not chosen, the principle of “Someone was wrong on the internet” should help someone quickly think of the right answer. :smile:

(Alex Jago) #42

Potential evidence for the “American wingnuts have permanently poisoned ‘libertarian’ as a label” position.

(Brendan Molloy) #43
> Sees Jason Wilson
> *closes tab*

(Glen Takkenberg) #44

Naked Democratic Party.

The naked part for our internal transparency and advocacy of governmental transparency, and it’s a gimmick name like the sex party or naked ADSL, and the Democratic part because Wikipedia tells me most social libertarian parties use that in their name, and we could use it to position ourselves as the centrist replacement for the defunct Democrats.

(Brendan Molloy) #45

But Naked ADSL sucks because you still have to pay line rental.

Also fuck centrism, it’s not a real thing and I won’t play that game.

(Glenn) #46

SOcial Unity L… (SOUL)

(Glenn) #47

Purple Party was suggested in the other thread, keeps PP acronym

A name like that doesnt have any current political baggage, so we could make it represent whatever we want.

(David Campbell) #48

Purple Party (I know I bought it up) unfortunately makes me think of the Flying Purple People Eater every time that I look at it now, haha…

Did anyone notice that Australian Progressives seem to have taken Purple as well?

(David Campbell) #49

I really like the word Open, as in Open Democracy, but in Australian terms it makes me think of the Australian Open tennis comp

(Alex Jago) #50

Weren’t we expecting the Progressives to fall apart Real Soon Now?

(David Campbell) #51

Well yes, when you put it that way… They do look destined for mediocre yeild… Perhaps not the issue it could be.

(Glenn) #52

Oh, i thought it was just me.

(Ashley Hull) #53

The abbreviation is most important - Peoples Other Party POP :wink:

Open Ethical Party OEP
Civil Rights Party CRP
Civil Advancement Today CAT

(Jenna Fox) #54

People’s Voice is simple, clearly positions us against more issue specific parties and the thoroughly corrupt major parties, and is a good opening to talk about our hypertransparency and internal democracy, our social policies, and our remarkable ability to avoid corruption where nearly all other parties have failed (GVT comes to mind). It’s also a name we would need to live up to. It would hold us to account and really deeply entrench our duty to remain free of corruption and genuinely representative in the public eye.

and it feels nice in my head.

(Glenn) #55

Common Rights Party (CRP)

(John) #56

The Social Contract Party

(Glenn) #57

Common rights contrasts with Common-wealth, i.e. people associate wealth with money, so emphasiing rights coukd be a good thing.

Instead of the Common-wealth of Australia, we have Common-right of Australia.

Commonright of Australia Party (CRAP)

That’s an even better name than my earlier suggestion of the ‘Winning Party’

(twisty) #58

G’day everyone,

I’m brand new here (and thank’s for accepting me). I didn’t join because of the name “Pirate”, but it certainly got my attention. I’ve read the formal proposal thread and understand (and largely agree with) the reasoning behind a name change. But only one name suggestion has stood out for me, “Millennial Party” mentioned here … right at the end.

For me “Millennial” hits a demographic that is starting to self identify, are tech savvy and looking for change. “Millennial” doesn’t have left/right, liberal/democrat or any other political connotations that I’m aware of. If the Party is looking for a name that will resonate with voters for decades to come then “Millennial Party”, or some derivative, would be high on my list.

(Dylan Sale) #59

I think keeping the focus on internet issues is a good niche. Other parties have the social liberties angle.

Seeing the list of parties that have been elected in each state seems to make it clear that the name needs to be punchy and something you can agree with without knowing much more.

How about:

Open Internet party.
No Internet Spying Party (a bit like No Pokies)
Better Internet party
Digital Liberties party
Digital Freedoms party
Online Jobs party
Digital Innovation Party

(Glen Takkenberg) #60

The Anti-Corruption Party