Alternative names for the Party

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and truck loads of free advertising as the media compare Millennials with Gen X and Baby Boomers …

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Basic problem with the idea of the ‘Millennial Party’ is that many of our members, probably even the majority, are not Millennials. It would limit our appeal to young voters only, and at the moment we already have broader appeal than that.

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Yep, you’re right. I still like “Pirate Party” most, despite it’s connotations. But who knows what a little bit of success might bring … Iceland.

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Common Liberty Party


I think that there are a lot of great suggestions in here and one thing is for sure that the Pirate Party name is holding us back. The policies are really great but when voters hear of us they either think that we are a joke party (“aargh matey”) or a bunch of freeloading internet content thieves who are only interested in abolishing copyright so that we can download until our heart is content.

Instead of going for terms that evoke political connotations eg: “people” = bunch of damn commies, “egalitarian” = bunch of leftist idealistic swine, let’s just stick to our core value of practical common sense policies.

So for a variety of reasons: Rolling off the tongue, keeping PPAU moniker and keeping it simple & concise of what we are about, I propose changing the name to:


(Formal name: Practical Party / Practical Party Australia)

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How about something even simpler and fundamental (especially given the current US canditate selection issues):
True Democracy Party


Modern Australia Democracy Party


Personally, I would leave out any reference to the two major parties, Lib/Lab. Create a standalone name, that reflects the direction we want to point. My first suggestion would be Modern Australian Democracy Party.


JD63, I totally agree, but I would go further to also leave out any word that has been used by other political party, eg: “Democracy” - which could associate with Australian Democrats, or Liberal Democrats, etc. I would just condense your idea to just “Modern Australian Party”, “Modern Party” or “The Modern Party”.

The Modern Party is quite a good name. I have not heard of any other party using that word. I like it much as name I thought of which is The Practical Party.

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I like Modern Party, Modern is like saying progressive, but without the baggage.

“Modern Australia Democracy Party” might end up with the nickname the MAD Party, which would narrow our appeal.

Modern Australia Party would be a good refinement if there where other Modern Parties that we might get confused with, but i dont think there is. Modern Democracy Party implies we might want to change the way democracy works (like the FLUX Party).

Modern Party might get the acronym MOD which would have some synergies;
'Mod subculture in the 60’s which was very was progressive, it was short for modernist, was into music and culture, so it might be a catchy name for older people who can remember that.
In the tech scene Mod is an acronym for modify, which is also what we want to do, we want to make a mod for our current political system.

We could even short ‘Modern Party’ to the ‘Mod Party’ to really lock that acronym in.

EDIT: We could backronym ‘Mod’ to Modern or Modify depending on the context.

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WRT the whole LeftLib concept - I feel it is a terrible idea for a few reasons. Firstly It doesn’t really inform people about what we are. As has been said before, the most research 90% of people do before voting is to read the ballot (and maybe a pamphlet on the way in to the polling station). Hence the Sex Party, Hunting Fishing Shooting Party, Motoring Enthusiasts Party. Be descriptive and engaging, not obscure and boring.

Secondly, as has been mentioned by many people, modern libertarianism is a dirty word. Even if it has meanings which fit our purpose, it is way too easy for opponents/media to identify examples of loopy libertarianism (and be sure they will).

Finally, we can say the exact same thing about “left”. Left politics these days is identified with “social justice warriors”, identity politics and possibly evokes a more authoritarian feel than the label “right politics”. If you don’t realise how much that label would stunt any political movement you need to consider how broad your social circle is - I would say that outside of university politics a majority of Australians would never want to associate themselves with the label “leftie”.

My preference is to keep PPAU, however if we must move - Transparency, Liberty and Digital Reform Party.

Plus we’ll score plenty of voters who don’t have time to read the whole ballot.


Less is more. I joined the Pirate Party because it has a tradition, history and a focus. It is about something.

The issues on branding / mind share are not improved with a new name. They are improved with communicating a message and with action.

Clarity of what Pirate Party is, is the #1 need at present IMO. It is not a generic socially progressive political platform. There is already several of those. We are different. So we should be different.

We have the advantage of having the most technically relevant political views for the future of all parties. Translating that into voter engagement and a message is our job, and if we are not doing that well we need to fix it. A name without the equity of meaning that Pirate Party has does not improve this situation IMO and is confusing symptom for cause.

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For awhile now I have been toying with creating a political party called the NME, which is short for Noli mentula esse which means don’t be a fool.

Or the Egalitarian Proletariat Party, EPP.

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"My preference is to keep PPAU, however if we must move - Transparency, Liberty and Digital Reform Party.

Plus we’ll score plenty of voters who don’t have time to read the whole ballot."

That acronym is the TLDR party…

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Yep. I think that pretty much sums up voter attitudes when it comes to election day :slight_smile:

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I actually really love that name. Well done, you get a cookie.

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So my brother has sent me here after years of me dissing him about the ‘seriousness’ of the name. :innocent:

This thread make a lot of good points, and “TLDR” is one of my favourites, but too long. I thought I would throw out a few words that I havn’t seen (or need more attention) in skimming this discussion, then come back and seriously comment later.

Freedom (too american I know), Merit, Members, Process, Corruption (Anti)

There is always: “I’d like to announce the Pirate Party has won this election Party”

Ok, happy now @dc84 ???

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Regardless of name change, the logo (southern cross on flowing flag) is excellent and I really like the design. Unless we change our name to we-hate-flags party, I’d want to keep it.

People(s) Party? (keeps the “P”, still “PPAU”, keeps our focus on “the people”?)


TLDR is actually pretty good.


TLDR is not a bad name, it is quite witty.

What I don’t like is that it still sounds like another “joke” name preventing the party from being taken seriously on name alone, putting us back at square one. If we go by “TLDR” on it’s own, it is not detailed enough on what we stand for and actually sounds like we don’t read anything, if we go for “Transparency Liberty Digital Reform”, it’s quite a mouthful and loses it’s wit, but I do agree that it’s an extremely accurate description of what our main focus is on.

If this name was ever to appear on a ballot paper it would have to show as “TLDR (Transparency Liberty and Digital Reform)”, basically as a redundant acronym.

I would fully support the name as a redundant acronym of the TLDR always spelt out when used by itself or in the first instance.