Alternative names for the Party


Agree edeity. Yes there’s a few pre-suppositions with the word Pirate but like the words Gay or Lesbian - that community has transformed those words into empowerment - for example look at the word “Queer”.
To rename a whole Party means that you need to start from scratch and establish it’s identity in the mind of the Public - that’s a lot of work! Pirate Party already is an established identity and does (occasionally) get mentioned in the mass media (re: Iceland). And those news items about the PP tend to be +ve.
If you were going to change something perhaps look at the logo not the name. The logo does imply “ahoy there mateys” and/or Pirate Bay - both connotes a certain -ve vibe. A good logo should not only be representative of the message you want to portrait but be easily identified and recognisable to the brand Pirate Party Australia.
I’m certainly no Marketing guru and laughably no Graphic Designer but I do understand the principles (having been an Entrepreneur). We need a Pink computer moment to cement our principles with the Public. Is there any way we can get Sen Conroy to start lamblasting security and data retention?.. that’ll help us.


I’m fine with the name as it is… I think it might be helpful to stay associated with the Pirate Party if we’re making a name for ourselves elsewhere in the world. Because of that I figure that in the long term we might see more benefit sticking with the name than changing it.

However, if we’re looking for a quicker boost to appeal to the Australian populace, maybe a name change can be justified if it’s attractive enough to the average voter. I love the TLD idea. It manages to describe pretty broadly what the party stands for without demanding any research, and its acronym could hold a surprising amount of appeal for young voters. The downside is that it might be a bit of a mouthful and could still seem like a bit of a joke.

I did also like “Practical Party Australia”, which would work with the existing logo, and “Egalitarian Party” which is concise and accurate. Not a fan of the LeftLib idea at all, way too ideological and scary and doesn’t really give a ballot voter any idea of what we stand for unless they’re well educated in political stances.

[edit] Just want to add that I particularly appreciate the idea of including “Transparency” in the party name. I think more and more people are starting to realize that a lack of transparency in government is a huge problem, and we might be able to capitalize on that. If we ever end up in power, it’d also serve as a nice reminder so that future generations don’t lose sight of that point.


Transparency Party?

To appeal broadly a new name needs to be as simple as possible - because 50% of people are simpler than the average person. I like non-political names because people who only care about politics on election day can still connect with them.

Innovation Party, Science Party, and Peoples Party appeal to me but they’re all taken. We need a simple word like those that is general enough to cover everything we’re about, and to outdo Pirate it needs to require zero explanation.

Some of the suggestions above are OK but nobody’s nailed it yet. Somebody will soon.

(Isaac Pursehouse) #84

Just a couple of things off the top of my head

*The Digital Progressive Party
*ADSL (Aust Digital & Social Liberties) “In today’s news ADSL promotes Fibre” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mike) #85

Having joined just this Discourse board minutes ago, I make a suggestion:

After forming a list of acceptable possibilities, how “good” a proposed name is seen as by current members is better ignored.

The opinions that matter are those of voters who just might consider a re-named party.

Asking them directly, face to face, “Which of these names sounds OK to you?” will get you those opinions.

A name that a wide range of voters think is OK will do you the best.


How would you target those people? Random/targeted surveys? Vox pop booths?

Also, just saw @Isaac’s last post and thought of
Digital Natives Australia (DNA)

(Mike) #87

Best bang for buck would probably be PP members taking clipboard to the streets in multiple postcodes, asking passer-bys the questions, and collating all the results and correlating the results with the demographics of the postcodes.

(Probably an effective conversation/education starter strategy too.)

If the reasoning behind this approach is widely supported by PPers then this approach gets a tick for being evidence based.


(twisty) #89



Australians for Common Sense

Aussies for Common Sense

Aussies for Common Sense and FREEDOM

(Common Sense actually works really well because everyone THINKS they have common sense when in reality Common Sense is not common to everyone, so it actually sounds appealing to everyone no matter their views)

Protect our Freedom Party

(deliberately sounds a bit right wing to show that we have balance)

Young and Free

Practical, Innovative & Balanced Policy

(Alex Jago) #92

Practical, Innovative, Reasonable, Achievable, Terrific, Evidence-based Party.


Balanced, Original, Orientated, Transparent, Youthful


After much deep thinking, I spent some time pondering which turned into consideration. Then I took turns at contemplation and speculation. I spied counter-arguments and even logic based oucomes. Upon second glance there appears to be some divisions and factioning; but within those there’s content there to be regarded. I looked at arguments based upon evidence and arguments based upon social norms and models.

Well then my thoughts turned to bias; which I’m sorry to say did not pique my interest so I ceased that projection immediately. I uncovered sources of wide postulation and even some humourous tidbits, but again did not hold weight enough to turn my thoughts thus. It was pleasant to see a variety of brainstormed ideas, even with some outrageous twists. And let’s not forget the debate over statistics, demographics and histrionics before avoiding setting any conclusion in concrete or drawing a line in the sand.

So in the end, at the turning of the tide, like sand through the hourglass, from dusk til dawn,day to nights, week in week out, turning into months et al, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the yellow brick road, when the curtain falls and so on and so forth…have we really taken red pill or the blue?

Please please please @Frew collate and vote…

(Dan Shea) #95

I’m not sure if you were making a point about the pointlessness of this conversation, or were trying to sound deep.

Either way I strongly oppose the change of the name


No, this discussion wasn’t pointless (it’s been a simmering issue), nor was I trying to be deep; I was trying to be facetious. My point was that a debate/discussion has a shelf life before it needs to be actioned or archived. I think this discussion has long since passed that point.

(Frew) #97

We have had this thing called an election to deal with. I am too buggered to do anything significant for a few days at least, and then there are processes that need to happen. See:

There also needs to be explanatory email written and the voting system set up.

(Paul Templeton) #98

How about just Winners

(Andrew Downing) #99

Can we be the “Common Wealth” party?

or I like “The Common Good Party”.
I think is reflects what we stand for. We stand for the common good of all Australians.
and it’s got “Good” right there in the name.
How bad could it be?


Awesome, however i have a sad feeling that the “Common Wealth” party won’t be acceptable (at least from what I was reading in regards to party name registration in WA)

“The Common Good Party” is however equally great, put that up and I vote for it :slight_smile:

@Frew was talking about the origins of pirates, ie the enclosure movement , loss of the commons ,it makes sense. Admitly the “Common Wealth” would be more sensible and poignat.