Amendments to Welfare Policy

I am currently reviewing the Welfare Policy which currently seems to still be in development stage and not yet formally signed off here

Under further review of this policy, I feel there are certain elements in which are both outdated and unfair in a modern Australian economic landscape. Particularly, I would like to raise the attention to the policy of welfare payment amounts and rent assistance.

Additionally, I would also like to amend the policy section of child vaccination and welfare payments. I feel the vaccination specifics are not clear enough and require a little deeper understanding through its presentation.

And that brings me to another issue, why do we not have a sole policy on child vaccinations standards? If we do, my apologies I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

I would appreciate any feedback on the ideas I have proposed in this post, therefore adapting ideas and others feedback into my proposed changes.

This is an incredibly old draft that was the base of the old welfare policy before we introduced the universal basic income policy.

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