Anyone checked out this argument analysis platform? Wonder if relevant

Main website:

(github source code: )

Essentially this is a website that helps to encourage argument mapping, and structured discussions.

The issue you find in some arguments in real life, is that people often end up agreeing or disagreeing in confusion due to the difficulties of keeping track of the mental structure of the arguments and claims attached to each section.

Since discussion often in politics gets quite emotional and charged, it may help to adopt some form of structured discussion system to avoid discussion ending up in logical loops going nowhere.

It may be helpful to discuss with the maker of the site to see if we can work together to adapt their system to work well for our purpose. (Or see if we could clone such system to work well as a party discussion platform).

Plus the resulting map could work well to explain how the pirate party policies is formed to outsiders. (e.g. A link on a pamphlet, telling people to visit if they want to have a deeper understanding of why a policy position was adopted).

Also it encourages the discipline of devils advocacy as a mapped argument will not be very convincing if there is not enough counterpoints being considered by potential oppositions.

Some practical examples is that you could potentially have a debate on the next pirate party conferenceā€¦ where a projected screen shows a copy of the argument tree being developed in real time, as people make their case in front of the audience.