Are there any famous Pirate Party members/proponents?

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Are there any famous Pirate Party members/proponents?
They could improve the notoriety/perceived-acceptability of this party.
For example, the Sustainable Party got in the news for Dick Smith getting behind them recently.
Getting someone famous could increase the perceived marketing brand of the party. Someone who aligns with one of the major policy fronts…

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We have some moderately well known or respectable figures who have supported aspects of our policy in the past. As a microparty we’re unlikely to see anyone of note jump on board unless we pick up more steam though.

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who is the most well known supporter in past, im curious?
i guess many pirates lurk in the darkness like the illuminati.

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Some prominent figures who support our approach to some issues (but don’t necessarily endorse our party) include Dr Ace Rimmer from QUT, ex Senator Scott Ludlam and media figure/independant journo Asher Wolf.