Artwork planning/requests

In line with the Pirate Images subsection of ‘tasks for pirates’.

While I like making images, I’m not always good at thinking up the visual ‘hooks’ they revolve around. I’m sure there’s someone out there with the opposite problem. Collaboration time!

I figure we need roughly one image per subitem in the platform:


2.1 Freedom of speech
2.2 Privacy
2.3 Justice
2.4 Control over the body
2.5 Marriage
2.6 Digital access
2.7 An Australian Bill of Rights
3.1 Copyright
3.2 Culture and media
4.1 Schools and early education
4.2 Universities
4.3 A streamlined patent system
4.4 A national Science Plan
5.1 Government transparency
5.2 Citizens’ initiatives
5.3 Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and prohibition of racial discrimination
5.4 Electoral System Reform
6.1 Merger of tax and welfare systems, and establishment of a basic income
6.2 Trial a Job Guarantee scheme and reinstate the Commonwealth Employment Service
6.3 State reforms: housing affordability and the land value tax
6.4 Distributed digital currencies
7.1 Support for fibre-to-the-premises infrastructure projects
8.1 Climate change and renewable energy
8.2 Land management and ecology
8.3 Animal welfare
9.1 Transparent, efficient health services
10.1 Prison reform
10.2 An end to the war on drugs
11.1 Treaties
11.2 Defence, diplomacy and aid
11.3 Asylum seekers and refugees

tl;dr you describe it we draw it