Assange Lawyer Jen Robinson rocking it on sky news

I think it’s safe to say that Assange has never been more vindicated.

The US laws he’s been charged under turns out to be the same one that killed Aaron Swartz. The same one the Lauri Love fought extradition against.

It is essentially an attack on source protection measures such as anonymising techniques like using a Linux CD and cracking passwords.

The actual allegation is that Assange tried to help Manning to crack a password so she could log in to government computers to access files SHE ALREADY HAD ACCESS TO under a different username. (source: The DoJ indictment which can easily be found online.)

This is a serious concern for press freedom and journalists worldwide. Not just because Assange has never been to the US and they’re doing their best to convince the world that the US has jurisdiction over his past actions (imagine the precedent this will set for extraditions of other investigative journalists exposing foreign government crimes). But because journalists do this kind of thing All The Time.

And what is our government doing about all this?


The juice media’s take

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I attended a pro-assange rally recently, with coverage on true crime news weekly and rupty - the hosts were pretty generous:

Other election candidates have also been invited to attend meetings. So, at some level we could always be doing more, but we’re certainly doing something :slight_smile: