Banned from IRC for TOR VPN

I was disconnected from Pirate IRC some time today because I use TORGuard as my VPN (not TOR, just TORGuard). Never had an issue connecting through my VPN prior to today.

You are banned from this server- unraveled, your IP ( is listed as a TOR exit node. In order to protect you and the network we require that all Tor clients connect directly to pirateircfor3esg.onion:6697 (with SSL)

I’ve disconnected my VPN connection, rebooted my router and I still can’t connect via MIRC or the PPAU website. I even tried connecting through the website via my mobile phone and still got the banned message.

I’ve tried connecting to the server listed in the banned message but MIRC can’t resolve the host.

Any suggestions?

It’s being looked into right now. :smiley:

In the meantime, you could try using the webchat and see if that works?

Tried webchat - VPN disconnected, my ISP IP is being displayed and I’m getting the same message still.

Has been fixed. Turns out the blocklist was taken down and it defaults to deny all. :smile: