Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility towards Economic Democracy (Designing Open Democracy)

Hi, it’s been a while since we last posted, but here is the latest episode. This time instead of citizen juries, we are covering the topic of Cooperatives.

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Anyway it may be of relevance to pirate party in making policies making it easier for cooperatives to grow and serve the community!


Co-ops is a space I’d like PPAU policy to go, so I’ll listen to this one with interest :slight_smile:

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To be very honest in all the world we lack clear economic drive towards private cooperatives.

The most simple proposition for private cooperatives adoption is reducing taxes and bureaucratic burden for businesses that want to produce as private cooperatives.

I’m really, really surprised no political party insisted on this very obvious aspect.

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Is there any other fields you are interested in investigating as well? Participatory budgeting? etc…