Brisbane Pirates Meetup - Saturday 30 April

Greetings All,

Apologies for the short notice, but given the recent news regarding elections I figured we were overdue a local meetup.

We’ll have the meetup on Saturday 30 April at midday at the Ship Inn at Southbank.

Any issues or questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

Kind regards,


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This might just be the first time I don’t already have a simultaneous choir event happening that day (crosses fingers).

I’ll see what I can do to attend this one. Going to depend on what work commitments I have. Busiest time of the semester right now.

Followup from today: I’ve shoved the AEC polling booth spreadsheet into a map. Now people can pick a booth near them for HTVing.

It’s been colour coded by estimated attendance numbers.

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Hey Brandon, new to this. Cannot make it to meet up, but I am looking to start up in Page NSW (coffs/grafton region) and need some patterns of election materials. Can you help?

Hi Les,

Unfortunately I cannot. But if you’re in NSW, I’d suggest contacting party secretary Daniel Judge.

Kind regards,


hi guys just wondering when the next brisbane meetup is

We’ve definitively got one on the 25th June, and from memory the 11th.

@Brandon correct me if I’m wrong here, and my apologies in advance for the 11th.

Indeed. We have two meet ups in June, one on the 11th and one on the 25th, both at 12:30 pm at the Ship Inn, Southbank.