CADMUS software

This caught my eye at the bottom of my uni e-newsletter. It’s concerning how this sort of draconian software is being rolled out in universities without any policy in place for how the data will be used or managed. Not to mention the potential for false positives.


This seems like the sort of crap Uni management would think is a great idea to crack down on assignment mills.
You know, you could just have more practical assessments rather than essays left right and centre.


Add to that the fact that I assume it REQUIRES you to work online. Too bad if you want to work on your assignments while commuting through assorted black spots and such.

Crap like TurnItIn is bad enough, particularly given that it tends to screw up the formatting on anything that gets fed through it, resulting in marking issues.


@Morgan, according to the CADMUS online user guide students are not required to be online to work on their essays, although that may have been the case when you posted on the topic. One only needs to be online to start the topic, and then to submit.

It also looks like formatting the text is robust, but limited. I can’t see the option to create a table or insert a figure, which is a distinct disadvantage for STEM subjects especially. However, it is early days and I would expect these to become available.

Not sure if it will have much impact in Australia, good for UK/US and MI6 and CIA recruiting.