Call for nominations - Deputy President and DRC

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The party is currently seeking nominations for the positions of Deputy President and Dispute Resolution Committee member.

As Deputy President your responsibilities are primarily to assist the President with leading the party and coordinating the activities of the National Council. Where required the role is also intended to be used as a mediator before disputes hit the DRC. If you have any questions regarding the position you should email Emily or the National Council as a whole.

As a member of the Dispute Resolution Committee your responsibilities are to rule on disputes relating to the party, interpretations of our constitution, and the rights/obligations of our members. The position is not typically active, there has only been one issue put to the DRC to date. If you have any questions regarding the position you should contact the DRC directly or the National Council. Please be aware that this role is a casual vacancy and only lasts until the next Annual Congress.

Nominations for both positions can be submitted to the Internal Elections Working Group or placed directly on the wiki. If you have any questions regarding the election process or submitting your nomination email the elections working group.

The deadline for nominations is 11:59pm AEST 6th September 2017

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Nominations have closed. Members with voting rights will receive their ballots Friday night and can vote on the following candidates:

Deputy President

  • John Edward Philip Jeffery (unknown)
  • Reverend Peter Lawler (unknown)

Dispute Resolution Committee

  • Liam Pomfret (@Archaic)
  • Reverend Peter Lawler (unknown)

As is standard with party elections candidates were asked several questions. You may view their answers here.

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Results are out.

Deputy President: John
DRC: Liam

Thanks for participating folks.

(miles_w) #7

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who ran! @john whatever your account is, looking forward to seeing the ideas you bring to the NC.

(Liam Pomfret) #8

Thanks Miles. =) Hopefully my time on the DRC will be uneventful. :wink: