Character assassination of an individual who posed a question in Q&A

This is a bit disturbing. Duncan posed a question in Q&A to the panelist as shown in the video in this twitter message:

Soon enough, hit pieces is appearing in multiple major newspaper attacking his character rather than the question. It is essentially attack the message kind of approach and is bad for public discourse no matter how good or bad the person is.

This is essentially bad for democratic discourse and if not addressed will cause other people to self censor if they know they will essentially have an entire media arm digging up every skeleton in the closet.

As someone (or probably several someones) have pointed out on Twitter, there can be nothing that this guy has done in his entire life, no matter what anyone might think of him, that invalidates his point and his question.

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I think its absolutely appalling behavior on the part of the various newspapers, but it may actually encourage discourse rather than suppress it. People are already reacting negatively to such an obvious hit job and I doubt I’m the only one who is now more resolved than ever to stand up should the opportunity arise.