Choose your preferred three discussion topics for Congress!

(Daniel Judge ) #21

I should probably state my own preference too I guess… :smile:
If I had to choose three it’d be:
1, 7 & 8
Even though I’d be happy and like to cover any and all of these issues in reality.
1 & 7 I feel are quite important to building the party and moving us forward.

(Frew) #22

1, 7 and 6 I think. Also like 9, 8 and 2.

(David Crafti) #23

Lots of good topics, but I’d have to go with the topics that help us know why we’re here and how to achieve what we’re here for, so the top two for me have to be 7 and 1. Then I always love a discussion about freedom of speech.

(Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer) #24

Hi everyone,

Based on the popularity of topics in this poll, the topics discussed at Congress will be:

  1. Freedom of speech.
  2. The “why” of Pirate Party Australia.
  3. Civil liberties in the virtual world.

The other topics may be discussed if we have the time.

(Brendan Molloy) unpinned #25

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