Citizens not subjects

There is a story in the Guardian from Chelsea Manning, titled We’re citizens, not subjects. We have the right to criticize government without fear

‘Citizens not subjects’ is a pretty good slogan IMO. ‘Subjects’ implies we are ruled by lords, ‘Citizens’ implies more freedom and equality i think. It contrasts against the nanny state approach the LNP and ALP take. The ruling class dont trust us so they spy on us so ‘they can help us’ when they feel like doing it, and however they feel like doing it.

EDIT: Abbott did bring back Knights and Dames, maybe he will bring back lordships too (j/k)

Yeah and replace the senate with federally appointed members styled “Life Peers” (Just like the UK and in analogous fashion to similar parliaments all over the World :smile:
As I do not think that even the Prime Minister or the Governor General can convince Australia to adopt a “Bunyip Aristocracy”…
As much as the PM would like that