Civil penalties, progressive taxation

So, i got a speeding fine the other day… $660, it got me thinking.

I like the points system as far as driving offences go, very sensible, and there has to be a financial component to the penalty or people wouldnt take the points system seriously in some circumstances.

But the $660 fine is a lot of money, that might be what some people get to live off for a fortnight (eg welfare), the points arent an much of an issue for them, its all about the money. For an average income the financial penalty might be 2 or 3 days pay, they care more about the points than the money.

For the fine to be effective it should “penalise” people more evenly, making people who earn more pay bigger fines could do that.

I think the idea of progressive tax could be applied to fines and penalties as well, just keep the same “sticker price” for the fines, but require them to be added to your tax as income.

It would mean in effect the person would have to pay tax on fines at their top rate.

There is a precedent for this:

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First up. I feel your pain. BeenThereDoneThat.

Now let’s step back and reflect upon the real message that the authorities are delivering here; and it really isn’t perhaps what they think they are sending:

this more or less amounts to a penalty upon your personal honesty; especially when you consider the very rich are thinking in terms of Einfeld and employing delaying/diverting tactics in hopes of avoiding prosecution; and the very poor are employing tactics like driving unregistered. In short the real message (sadly) is the law as it stands appears to punish only the lawful.

I am not suggesting I have an answer to this myself; but on the other hand this is the sort of thing as a Party it is worthwhile thinking about.

Sincere apologies to bug1/Glenn if I have just accidentally derailed your point!