Compensation for wrongfully accused

The information age has changed society a lot, even Law enforcement, these days a lot of “detective” work is actually done by computers. We are being analysed and judged based on the behaviour of electronic devices we have access to, and as powerful and invasive as they are, they cant consider the context of any alleged wrongdoing, question the validity of information, or look for other explanations. They introduce possible errors that a human would be expected to see.

Speeding fines are an example of automating convictions, the DMCA cease and desist in the US, and more relevant to us the three strikes law they have tried (and failed) to bring in here to address copyright infringement. Data retention will likely increase the process of automating the legal system.

Being wrongfully accused of a crime is a punishment itself, it should be seen as a type of slander. I feel there is an expectation in the minds of people that the state wouldn’t charge someone unless they did something wrong, so if they aren’t found guilty, then the wrongfully accused person will still have had their reputation damaged.

If the state is going to increasingly impose these drive-by convictions on its citizens, where people are charging with crimes with minimal human supervision of the process then mistakes are more likely to be made, and someone needs to be held to accountable for them. Requiring the wrongfully accused to be compensated would help with that.

This link below is story from 2013 about it which i found fro ma quick search