Confidant Mail potential metadata neutraliser

Continuing the discussion from Proactive responses to data retention:

There’s a little detail in the spec.pdf document, but it does still need an RFC-style technical specification. In software architectural terms you might want to think of this as more a proof-of-concept from which a solid tech spec can be produced and the protocol established. Still, the existing technology and protocols on which it relies, like GPG and DHT are solid and reliable, so it’s not purely hypothetical, it’s not a closed source black box and it’s not vapourware.

Now granted, it’s not going to save us from Brandis and Abbott tomorrow, but it might very well be the start of something awesome which might even be ready when the ISPs are actually deploying their metadata harvesting systems (in about 15 or 16 months).

The spec does document the protocol as it exists, although it is not as detailed as an RFC. Please ask any questions here.