Congress 2017 - Constitutional Amendments

I thought it might be useful to have a pre-Congress thread on the topic.

(Personally, I have a performance on Saturday afternoon…)

Thanks to @Fletcher and @rundll for their work on these.

I support all the amendments at least in principle, though I haven’t checked the details of CAP-2 for bugs yet.

CAP-1 doesn’t explain where the role of Party Agent would fall, but Council already has the power to appoint one under 1.2.4 - and of course should CAP-2 pass, the Treasurer takes that role on.

If someone could explain the history of why we have a by-law enabling supporter memberships rather than CAPping associate memberships into supporter memberships, that’d be appreciated.


CAP-1 only deals with the removal of the registered officer as a dedicated role so I figured it would be easier not to complicate things. As an aside during elections we always spread out and appoint a deputy registered officer in each state we’re running in.

CAPs require a Congress to pass (whether Annual or not) whereas new membership categories only require a simple majority of 10% of the membership. It allows the NC to adapt more quickly I guess.

EDIT: better explanation of membership levels

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