Congress 2017 results

G’day folks,

Voting for motions and elections that resulted from the 2017 congress is now over. We had around 14% turnout (from a pool of 1,355 full members).


Amendments to the constitution require a quorum of 20% of members. As this quorum was not met all constitutional amendments have lapsed. The results have been included below for your convenience:

CAP-0: Repeal section 4.2.2: Associate Membership – lapsed 95.81% in favour
CAP-1: Removal of Registered Officer – lapsed 97.63% in favour
CAP-2: Defining roles on the National Council – lapsed 98.84% in favour
CAP-3: Modification of Constitutional Amendment Proposals – lapsed 97.74% in favour
CAP-4: Rename Party Secretary and Deputy Party Secretary – lapsed 97.75% in favour
CAP-5: NSW Association Requirements – lapsed 94.58% in favour

Policy motions

The results of the motions relating to policy are as follows:

PM-1: Transport Policy — carried 95.83% in favour.
PM-2: Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and prohibition of racial discrimination — carried 86.47% in favour.

Other motions

Financial Report: Accept the annual financial report as presented at congress – carried 100.00% in favour.


The National Council election results are as follows:

President: Emily Sievers
Deputy President: Luke Housego (withdrawn)
Secretary: Tom Randle (uncontested)
Deputy Secretary: Simon Gnieslaw (uncontested)
Treasurer: Mark Gibbons (uncontested)
Deputy Treasurer: Simon Frew (uncontested)
Registered Officer: Alex Jago (uncontested)
Councillor (1): John August (uncontested)
Councillor (2): Miles Whiticker (uncontested)

Elections for Officer positions are as follows:

Dispute Resolution Committee: Fletcher Boyd (uncontested)
Policy Development Officer: Jesse Hermans (uncontested)


The next National Congress will be held in Brisbane in July 2018.

You can find a more detailed summary of the results on the front page.

“Withdrawn” - that’s disappointing at this point in the proceedings.

But yay for the Transport policy.
Special congratulations to @BillM who did most of the hard work on that.

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Hear Hear.


edit: @edeity … wtf?!

And obviously, congratulations Emily!
I wait in anticipation of some new direction.


Hey @edeity, in case you’re checking this thread still, you’ve got some explaining to do. Perhaps I’m jumping the gun and some really serious family or health thing came up, but I specifically asked you if you would take the role of Deputy, if elected, and work in that role constructively. You said yes. You sounded super-positive about it.

So, to see you withdraw looks, on the face of it, like a piss-weak rage-quit.

You didn’t get the top of the ticket for the Senate ballot, so you quit. You didn’t get the President role, so you quit.

When you pride yourself on your ability to troll and lie, without letting on to those outside the tent that you’re doing so, you can’t expect people to just jump up and trust you. And this response justifies that position.

So lame…

Assuming I haven’t misunderstood things, I recommend people bookmark this post for next year, in case edeity runs again, to remember this lack of character.


Thanks David for laying this out. Over the last few months I have unconditionally muted any conversation threads Luke has participated in and frankly I don’t consider I missed out on anything vitally important.

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Congratulations Emily! I look forward to seeing what direction you lead the party in.

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