Congress Accommodation Thread

So anyway, thought it might be helpful to have a place for people to organise where to stay so they can spend more money on beer and rum.

I have rented a 3 bedroom townhouse walking distance to the conference centre thing that congress is at (it cost the same as a less convenient shitty hotel). So I have 2 rooms free for whatever sleeping / bunking / indentured servitude arrangements you have.

The only rule is dont piss off my missus. We are using this as an opportunity to go to Tasmania (which we have never been to before) and spend the weekend locked in a room with pasty white nerds and then getting hammered at a bar without ever really stepping outdoors. Oddly enough this is our idea of a romantic getaway. Not shitting you.

I’m sure other people will also want to step up to the plate and offer help to out of towners as well.

Im have my townhouse thing on friday and saturday nights. So if your in on friday you can hang there. Im not getting in until like 9pm though.