Congress Friday Night Drinks

As amongst the more experienced Melbourne local drinkers I would like to suggest we plan drinks on Friday.

Last years Friday drinks in Hobart were good fun, and well, we can’t have Melbourne being outdone.
Unlike Hobart :wink: Friday nights here are busy, so where is important.

With my cold at present, last thing I’m thinking of is drinking anything besides a hot toddy So probably best if we kick around some ideas of where.

I have a work function that night, so I won’t be able to make it.

I think locals would have the best ideas. I usually end up in the nearest pub or a hipster bar in Fitzroy (like the Black Cat assuming it still exists).

I was thinking near the Congress venue for ease of navigation for everyone.

We had a beer at the Mill House on Flinders Lane last night. Was probably a good venue for Pirates in terms of being able to chat, but it was expensive with beers being $9 each. If someone knows somewhere nearby that is cheaper it may be a better option, but the Mill House was alright.

Was that for pints? If so, that’s cheap in Melbourne.

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I was going to say Mill House is prob a good bet.



Still pretty normal.


Sorry can’t make it. Will be in Europe for… I don’t know how long. Which reminds me, in case i forget, don’t ever nominate me to run for parliament: I’m a dual citizen and likely to stay that way :wink:
Miss y’all



Sorry I won’t be there. Sad. Meatspace is hectic.

However, I’ve got the weekend off and I’ve got my online ticket. #Yarr

So like 8:30?


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Laura I wanted to catch up with you re the Liquid Democracy translation you were doing. How is progress?

On topic: I’ll be kicking around Melbourne from lunchtime. Most of you have my Twitter if anyone wants to meet up.

See you all at the Mill House at 8:30.