Congress social happenings

Those who arrive on the Friday before Congress normally go out for drinks that evening. It’s also usual to go for a sit-down meal at a local restaurant on Saturday night. So, two questions:

  • Where shall we go for drinks (and probably food) on Friday night?
  • Where shall we go for dinner on Saturday night?

@rundll and other Tasmanians are best-placed to make the decisions on this, but I’m opening the thread so we’re not relying on word of mouth to get everyone together. :slight_smile:

I’ll put a vote in for The Quartermasters Arms (nee Tasman Quartermasters – apparently they rebooted recently) for Friday evening. We ran Hobart meetings there last year. It’s Pirate friendly, and has good food (burgers, chips and such) and tasty beverages of all kinds.

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How are they for vegetarians and vegans? No menu info on the website.

The website is a bit dubious at the moment, agreed, especially with the menu including ‘Rum, Sodomy and all the other Spirits’. The Facebook page has a link to the menu on the right-hand side that has a few vegetarian and gluten-free options though.

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That menu is a little… sparse. I haven’t been there for a while, so I’ve asked for more information.

I can probably rock up around 9:30 / 10 pm will ppl still be drinking at that time? Im not familiar with pirate drinking culture

Yeah, should go until at least 11:00, probably midnight.

I’m getting in on Friday afternoon, so happy to pop in and meet up with some people around dinner time. Will ahve my fiancee and step daughter (18 months) in tow.

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There should be a few arriving on Friday afternoon (I’m arriving around 1:00 pm, and I know at least two others will be on the same flight), so meeting up around 6:00/7:00 would would probably work.