Corporate Social Responsibility - a switch from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder (employee) capitalism

@dcrafti linked me this yesterday and I was just having a read. I think it has a good reform angle while supporting better workplace outcomes. The point that corporate regulation should avoid restricting corporate political speech while at the same time allowing corporate speech free to influence corporate regulations I found pretty apt.

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I like the basic idea of this.
It probably needs adapting to the Australian context.
It’s probably one of those things to phase in gradually and monitor the effects. Run it like an experiment.

I’d love to get a working team onto this. We’ll need someone to go over the existing regulation and obligations of ABN holders, look at regulators like the ACCC and ombudsmans, work out the shortfalls in CSR and where our policy could fill in the gaps. Hopefully someone with interest and a bit of spare time could come forward.