Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Fundraiser

(Frew) #21

We have a theoretical play-off tonight if enough people show up.

The competition server is at:

I won’t be able to make it due to my mother’s birthday dinner. DanielJ is without Internet for the next 24 hours so he is out too.

It will be up to those who turn up how things play out. I suggest everyone interested log into IRC to coordinate.:

Best of luck! :smiley:

(Brendan Molloy) #22

A friendly match unrelated to the funds?

(Frew) #23

The idea was to see who could represent us. But more or less a social game. :smile:

(Frew) #24

Alrighty, we’ll try another practice game/ playoff on December 30, 9pm AEDST.

The competition server is at:

Indicate if you are coming along! :smile:

I should be in! (It is my sisters birthday, but we made plans for the night before so should be fine)

(Daniel Judge ) #25

I can connect. Need to go to favourites: [add a server] then put the IP in there. Seemed to work ok.


Worth running through a few bot games cos the few seconds i was on was a different map to the ones im used to.

(Daniel Judge ) #26

By the way all, the proposed date is Sunday Jan 17, 8:30pm.

So if you want to play for Pirates in CS:GO and you reckon you can make it at that time. Put your name down in this thread to sign up.

Server is at:
Maps appear to be standard match maps switched to Arms race mode, rather than standard Arms race maps. So make you you are used to them. :smile:

(Mathew Hutchison) #27

I’m happy to join in… I’ll try and go easy on you guys.

(Frew) #28

The server has gone down until its time for the Tourny. It destroyed Posty’s data cap and he is saving what data he has left for the Tourny itself.


(posty) #29

The Internet Showdown is on…

(David Campbell) #30

I’ll be there, Username: DevoiD

If anyone wants to add me

And the PPAU group is at

(Frew) #31

Jump into IRC for the server password. It’s on in just under half an hour!

(Daniel Judge ) #32

Payment to Fred Hollows Foundation has been made:

Thanks Frew and Posty for all their work on this.

I am super pissed I couldn’t make it on the night (close friend medical crisis), especially after buying the game and smashing Arms Race for the past few weeks to learn it. Oh well, I at least have a new game i like :slight_smile: Maybe i can join in on any future rematch and be a part of having our arse handed to us. :wink:

(posty) #33

Thanks to everyone who came. I was worried that there might not be enough players :slight_smile: but we filled the server!

if you missed it you can watch the replay here:

The Fred Hollows Foundation thanked us here: