Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Fundraiser

We have been in discussions with the sub-Reddit Circle Jerk Australia to hold a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. If you’d like to participate as a player, please indicate your interest below. If we have more than a full team of people wanting to participate, we will devise a play-off to select the best team of Pirates.

Money will be raised through Pozible and the winner will receive the funds raised. Circle Jerk are in the process of deciding who will get the funds if they win. If we win, the money will go to the Party.

Yeah I could take part.

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I was about to say I’ll give it a go, even though I’ll have to buy CS:GO and learn the maps beforehand, hehheh…

But of course I’ve just now noticed (after sending out Frews email to all members) that /r/circlejerkaustralia has now been banned by Reddit admins. So the subreddit is closed and the thread is inaccessible… So I’m not sure where that leaves this plan. :frowning:

Edit: ignore above, not banned. :smile:

If the plan goes through, my mate and I are Gold Nova Master and not the worst at the game, we could join in.

Can confirm.
Source: Am mate

They aren’t actually banned, they have a css theme set up to trick people.

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Happy to play on a team.

ill play for Pirate Party and stream to twitch on my CSGO stream if thats cool with everyone.

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I do love Gun Game/Arms Race. Count me in.

Put me down as a “if needed to fill spots” position. I haven’t played any real CS since about beta 6.6, and am not much into FPS these days, but I do still watch the games occasionally.

can confirm, it was a joke that got me too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi everyone, I’m the OP from the cjaus thread.

I’ve got the server up! If you didn’t read it, I happen to be one of the few lucky Australians that has an NBN connection - so this whole thing will be an example of what you can do when infrastructure in your home isn’t two tin cans on a bit of string.

It’s a public VAC secured server on I’d appreciate if people could give the server some stress testing to see how it holds up.

Edit: Also - I think this fundraiser should be called “Call of Booty”. because pirate puns. I’ve named the server that :).


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I don’t have a brain anymore so think for me m8.

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In complete lack of opposition, Call of Booty it is :stuck_out_tongue:

fresh news - we might also have a special guest. things aren’t confirmed yet, but neither is the funding campaign. I’m a waitin’ to put my money in the kitty :smile:

also, my server is purring away with only a few randoms joining.

I’m gonna go on now, if you’re reading this.

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Ok, i am starting to get the hang of this game, heheh.

And getting the hang of “Arms Race” mode :wink:

The Pozible campaign was launched minutes ago.

Being posted around social media nowishly. We have to decide on a date for the combat and work out who will be on our team!

The project is set to end midday New Years Eve.

It’s hit $500 now. Off a whole six supporters. That’s serious dedication.

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I pledged $150 to begin with as thats what I said I’d do, I thought that would be the highest. someone dropped $250ish immediately to make it hit 100%. I am legit flabbergasted.

I pledged $50 and would like to play, I was MGE (just got demoted, MG2 now) if not I’d gladly help in anyway I can

Ha! How did the pirate party combine my political and business interests in one post?!

I manage Legacy ESports which has a recently international travelled CSGO team (dreamhack winter). Can’t really lend their aid to this endeavour as it may skew the fairness somewhat!

I’ll throw a few hundred into the kitty though, love seeing eSports anything going on.

(Though I am a League of Legends player myself and our League team has my heart more so)

Edit: on a quick note, if you need Teamspeak or CSGO servers on data centre links then let me know, happy to throw any infrastructure you need to the cause.

EDIT 2: are we going to cast and stream this? Do we want to ? I can arrange a caster and twitch infrastructure.

Haven’t played CS:GO in quite a while but would be happy to participate if numbers are needed :smile: