Czech Pirate Party takes current PM to European Court

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Hey everyone.

I wanted to bring you some news from European Pirates. Czech Pirates ( 2nd largest party in Czech Republic ) created a campaign called #PiratesVsCorruption, featuring a common agenda of the Pirates in all Europe, against current prime minister Andrej Babis that stole CZ public money, calculated at about 100 millions of Euros stolen to his personal company.

The hashtag has been created in order to reinforce Pirates ideals of government transparency.

Help the CZ Pirates, and european pirates and retweet / share everywhere!

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Pirates taking this case to European Court:

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Hey everyone!

I bring you bigger and better news!

European Pirate Party now has 4 members of European Parliament, from the successful elections in Czech Republic ( 3 seats ) and Pirate Party of Germany ( 1 seat )
All Pirates rejoice now in Europe, since it’s the biggest win since our foundation in 2006!


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And especially:

Bravo to Česká pirátská strana!

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