Data retention bill

(Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer) #1

We have begun analysing the Bill and it’s explanatory memorandum but need your help to compile notes and write a submission to the anticipated Senate Committee inquiry. Notes and useful links can be added here

The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014:;query%3DId%3A"legislation%2Fbillhome%2Fr5375";rec=0

A thread for general discussion has been made by Brendan at Data retention legislation introduced into parliament

(Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer) #2

We have a lot more time, but that should be used to make our submission even better.

(Liam Pomfret) #3

Hopefully the issues with my home internet will be fixed up soon, so I can trawl through the academic literature for relevant articles and findings.

(Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer) #4

Yeah, I intend to do the same when I get a moment.