Defence policy; expenditure

We should have a policy on defence spending, i see there was a defence policy working group, but cant see any other references to a defence policy.

Joe Hockey used to say the previous government didnt have a revenue problem, they had a spending problem. The LNP have cut taxes (carbon and mining) and are increasing spending on defence (at least). They are trying to bring in a GST so they can cut expenditure on health and eduction, and justify income tax cuts.

Recent government military spending includes

We are 11th in military spending per capita or 13th or 14th by total military spending, we spend 1.9% GDP on defence and it is expected to increase to 2% (NZ spends 1.1%).
If we had an expenditure closer to NZ we would save $13B or so a year.
If we had an expenditure of 1.74% as we had in 2000 (after increases for the olympics), we would save $2.5B a year.

Geographically we should be under less pressure militarily than most other OECD nation, our threats are more a result of our the actions or our allies. It should be something we have some control of.

Expenditure has been cut from “soft power”, like foreign aid, and the Australia Network (tv), that promote understanding and prevent conflict.

Not sure where the party stands on this.

A policy incorporating defence issues is currently being voted upon actually. It was proposed at Congress, and was listed on the agenda as PM-4: Foreign policy and treaty making.

Have a read and see if it covers off what you’re talking about.

Duoh, yes i do remember voting on that, i must be getting old and senile.

It all looks good to me, its what i was getting at, only thing i would have pushed for is having a targeted %GDP spending, and restoring the Australia Network, and pursuing other ‘soft power’ approaches.

Its just the continuous build news this morning that got me started on it. Its good concept of the continuous build, but im not sure the numbers need to be that big.

The policy wants to increase aid/soft power spending to 0.5% of GDP (it’s 0.2% now- abysmal). I assumed around 1.5% of GDP on defence but the policy doesn’t explicitly say so. Maybe it should, this latest spend- $89 billion- seems kind of … expansive.

Interesting article:

I was reading something else recently about how the F35 is massively the wrong approach, I’ll try to dredge that one up too.

yep. drones are the go.

The ADF is, of course, aware of the looming changes in marine warfare. Its latest white paper notes that some Asian nations will, even before Australia’s new submarines are built, acquire “more autonomous systems, such as unmanned combat vehicles”, including for underwater operations.

here’s the trifecta …

The government would not say how many drones were being purchased, but taking into account maintenance and additional costs such as controllers and communications links, the funding would likely buy at least 200 WASP drones.

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