Designing Open Democracy Wiki Has Just Launched. Contributors requested! Also curfew chat this weekend!

Hi Pirate Party,

We have just launched a wiki where we are aiming to document all the useful information about projects around the world. The idea is that if you are interested in helping improve democracy, you can use this resources to find projects you could contribute towards or learn what works or does not work.

We are currently coordinating the creation of articles in our main telegram chatroom via this invite link .

Hope to see your projects onboard! E.g. polly voting system

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Also we have another online curfew chat this Saturday, details located in

We get together once every two weeks on a late Saturday night to talk about anything that interest the group!

We like to talk about innovation in democracy, philosophy, technology and anything around it.

Hope to see you come along!

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Curfew chat starting for Designing Open Democracy in an hour time at 8:00pm tonight at But Iā€™m hanging out right now so feel free to pop in anytime to meet us.