Digital reforms

A key plank of our platform revolves around the digital space, obviously. But I think our policy is a little sparse.

In 1997 (20 years ago) a fella by the name of Dan Geer went before a US congress committee ( to warn about regulation and rule setting in the information age as meat-space and cyber-space merge. His message was essentially ‘the rules will be set by someone, and either the US congress sets them or someone else will’.

History essentially shows those rules evolved in a way that has not respected fundamental freedoms in the information age. The lack of enforcement of rights found even in the UN declaration of human rights in the information age has allowed entities such as intelligence agencies and some corporations to essentially act lawlessly, hacking devices as they please, collecting data without regard to the human right to privacy etc. All of this has had a cost, it hurts everyone. As the hoarding of zero-days by governments shows, all our devices are insecure and governments are making the problem worse by not helping fix them.

So in 2014 Dan Geer presented at Black Hat USA, with the essay/speech, Cybersecurity as Realpolitik:

My view is that there’s just so many good ideas in that essay, we should use them. I’ve made some notes in this pad:

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Makes me wonder who the real Pirates are …