Do we agree or disagree with that, and how can we benefit from

Have they been approached to comment on PPAU policy?

Not formally. But there’s some overlap in the direct democratic principles

Yes; but we needa research always about the tools which help us achieve what we seek

As far as I can tell, GetUp was initially quite effective, because there was a large number of names behind the issues they represented, so the politicians responded, up until they came to understand that they were kind of toothless petitions.

If 100,000 people put pen to paper and send a snail mail or personally phoned their local representative regarding an issue, the politician knows that they actually care enough to act, and a substantial number of them will probably follow through if the politician doesn’t respond.

By contrast, a GetUp campaign is now thought of as “clicktivism”.
The click to petition is so easy and convenient, that it comes to represent no more than a whim, and now the politicians know this, they probably won’t respond unless there’s a crazy-huge number of petitioners.

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